Q. When will my hours be reported to CEBroker?

A. Your hours are reported twice daily at 10 am and 4 pm, even on holidays.

Q. I completed all my hours but I can’t renew my license!

A. You are responsible for monitoring your account through CE Broker. Sign up for an account at www.cebroker.com. There are 2 accounts: For the free account, you can only see if you complete your mandatory 24 hours. For the $29 yearly account, you are able to get notifications whenever your hours are posted and you are able to view your transcript in detail. We recommend the free account only if you performed both 12-hour bundles as you will be complete with your state requirements. If you are doing different CE’s with different companies, we recommend the $29 yearly account.

Q. When will my license arrive?

A. After you complete your hours, you may proceed to Flhealthsource.com to renew your license.

Q. What if I fail to renew my certificate by the expiration date?

A. If you do not renew your certificate by midnight of the expiration date, your certificate becomes delinquent and you cannot work as a RN/LPN/CNA until the certificate is renewed. In order to renew your license after the expiration date, you will need to meet the work and in-service training requirements, pay the original renewal fee, and pay a delinquency fee. If the certificate is not renewed by expiration date, two years later, your certificate will become null and void and you will have to take the examination again to be certified/licensed in Florida.